So You Think You Know LA? (Weekly Quiz) #3


Paperback LA Book 1, which launches in early May, is a free-wheeling anthology indeed.  Our selections include a Dodgers’ broadcast as well a memoirs and articles from old, old, newspapers.  Can you guess what kind of selection might be illustrated by the above photo? 

Offer your answers in the comment space below and we’ll reward your theories or knowledge with social media plaudits.

So You Think You Know LA quizzes will continue for the eight weeks up to launch. After that, our loyal readers will know all the answers from reading the book, right?


3 thoughts on “So You Think You Know LA? (Weekly Quiz) #3

    1. Thanks for bringing your beverage expertise to the table Jean.
      But (if I may be so bold), perhaps you are one of those people that don’t always quite read the directions? So– a little more direction. After considering examples mentioned of the kinds of pieces in the Paperback LA anthology (broadcast, memoir, etc.) and considering the pictured activity (yes, tapping the maguey or agave), can you guess what possibly unusual kind of anthology selection (as opposed to beverage) might involve said plant (hint– not a radio broadcast).


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