Paperback L.A.

A Casual Anthology Series

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The New-School Anthology Series

Paperback L.A. Book 1, A Casual Anthology: Clothes. Coffee. Crushes. Crimes. 


“This first volume’s thematic focus is intense, vivid and thoughtful, obviously informed by research, affection, and a critical editorial process. . . .Eclectic and revisionist, brave, and, yes, incredibly fun.” -KPFK Radio

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Paperback L.A. Book 2, A Casual Anthology: Studios. Salesmen. Shrines. Surfspots.

There’s more to say about L.A. than fits into a single volume. Our series brings historic sweep, humor and fresh perspectives to the city’s literary canon. 
With selections from eyewitnesses, historians, novelists, cookbook authors, photographers, journalists and essayists. See our contributors page.
Topics include auto racing, avocados, parents, pelicans, silent movies, plumbing, be-ins, urban cyclists, Rodeo Drive, Fish Harbor, and more.