#Research Can Be Fun at Paperback LA

So, all deadlines are converging here at Paperback LA— not a surprise. For both off-site editor (Susan LaTempa) and in-office publisher (Colleen Dunn Bates),  small-press publishing is  modern cottage industry– today’s post-post-Industrial Revolution, gig-economy version home-based weaving, cobbling and blacksmithing. The common denominator is research. We’re prepping for the imminent publication of Paperback LA, Book 1. … More #Research Can Be Fun at Paperback LA

So You Think You Know LA? (Weekly Quiz) #3

Paperback LA Book 1, which launches in early May, is a free-wheeling anthology indeed.  Our selections include a Dodgers’ broadcast as well a memoirs and articles from old, old, newspapers.  Can you guess what kind of selection might be illustrated by the above photo?  Offer your answers in the comment space below and we’ll reward your … More So You Think You Know LA? (Weekly Quiz) #3