Rave Robot Review!

  At Last! Writerless Book Reviews! At Paperback L.A. A Casual Anthology, we just don’t get why so many readers lament a decrease in book review sections in the dwindling number of newspapers and magazines. Who needs human book reviewers? We may have to wait for driverless cars because of nitpicky safety enthusiasts and anti-death … More Rave Robot Review!

Hear KPFK Radio’s “Bibliocracy” show about Paperback L.A.

UPDATE: Thanks for a great interview, Andrew, which aired but can still be heard at @KPFK archives. Announcement from Bibliocracy host host Andrew Tonkovitch: My guest this week (Sunday, 5 PM on KPFK) is a longtime writer, editor and cultural worker, working in many forms and collaborating on previous books about travel, food and the … More Hear KPFK Radio’s “Bibliocracy” show about Paperback L.A.