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“Robot” by svofski is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

At Last! Writerless Book Reviews!

At Paperback L.A. A Casual Anthology, we just don’t get why so many readers lament a decrease in book review sections in the dwindling number of newspapers and magazines. Who needs human book reviewers? We may have to wait for driverless cars because of nitpicky safety enthusiasts and anti-death special interest groups, but the unlike the auto industry, the infotainment industry doesn’t have to worry about rules or regs and is GETTING THE BOOK REVIEWING JOB DONE NOW thanks to writerless reviews!!

Check out this masterpiece from asem.org. Simply by putting our publisher’s press release through an uncredited unpaid artificial intelligence, a rave review was generated– WITH NO HUMAN ERROR!

Paperback L.A. Book 1 Paperback LA is a hasty and amusing accumulating of some of the best autograph anytime about Los Angeles. More than a dozen above selections accommodate new assignment and beginning discoveries: a radio broadcast, a ballad, a annual article, excerpts from arrive novels and memoirs. These pieces are alternate by acute photo essays, a quotable calendar of one-liners, and added quick hits. In the aggregation of a able bandage of storytellers, Paperback LA roams beyond the decades, from aloof afterwards the Mission era to aloof afterwards Hollywood’s aureate age, from the post-hardcore jailbait arena to a reimagined today. With Susan Sontag, we appointment Thomas Mann. With Paul Beatty, we about-face a Metro ride into a PCH party. With Héctor Tobar, we chase for bodies who lived about about here. With Victoria Dailey, we attending in on the boys in the backroom. Photographers allotment active moments of artery sights, skaters at play, and activists on the march. Paperback LA’s contributors accept attitude, and they accept information. Each aggressive assignment illuminates some aspect of the city’s rich, all-inclusive reality. Some flash a quick klieg ablaze on a moment or person, others gradually acknowledge a alpha faculty of place—in settings that ambit from a 1920s rural ball pavilion to 1960s Dodger Stadium, with accountable amount that sprawls from bookselling to bodysurfing.

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