Holiday Discount & Free Shipping for Paperback L.A.

There’s still time to enjoy our end-of-the-year deals for Paperback L.A. A Casual Anthology.  
Buy directly through this link at Prospect Park Books and get Paperback L.A. Books 1 and 2 together for just $30 with free shipping.

The recently published Paperback L.A. 

Book 2, A Casual Anthology: Studios. Salesmen. Shrines. Surfspotsfeatures a spooky, little-known tale of Venice, CA by Ray Bradbury; a memoir by PBK_LA_fullcoverV2-2Diana Serra Cary about her days as Baby Peggy, toddler star of the Silent Era; a memorable story by Jim Gavin, creator of the acclaimed TV series Lodge 49; a satire of WWII L.A. by Chester Himes; new information on the Japanese American past of Terminal Island by Naomi Hirahara, a vision of California before European contact by historian Benjamin Madley; a timeline of motorsports milestones by Preston Lerner, and more, as well as photo essays on wild birds, downtown L.A. from new perspectives, and urban cyclists.

Paperback L.A. Book 1, A Casual Anthology: Clothes. Coffee. Crushes. PBLA_Book1cover_011618-250x349Crimes. has been delighting readers with its up-to-date attitude and inclusive curiosity, offering memoirs by Susan Sontag and Eve Babitz; a classic call by Vin Scully; an excerpt from Paul Beatty’s wildly too-true novel The Sellout; a Dan Bern ballad about some DIY freeway engineers. There are also pieces by Cecil Castellucci, Hector Tobar, Victor Valle, Victoria Dailey and other writers of fiction and nonfiction along with photo essays on Venice Skate Park, the Women’s March L.A. of 2017,  and lost or forgotten street scenes from different eras.

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