Post-Thanksgiving Book Moments! Join us!

Get your copy and some gift copies of the just-published Paperback L.A. Book 2, A Casual Anthology: Studios. Salesmen. Shrines. Surfspots. at some of our holiday season community events.

Colleen Dunn Bates bookcaseNOVEMBER 23- CELEBRATE SMALL BUSINESS DAY WITH PAPERBACK L.A. IN FLINTRIDGE–  Do you live in Flintridge, La Canada, Pasadena, nearby? Support small businesses and enjoy a peaceful holiday shopping moment picking up Paperback L.A. A Casual Anthology Books 1 & 2 at Flintridge Bookstore and Coffee House from noon to 2 when Prospect Park Books founder/publisher Colleen Bates signs and chats about the books Paperback L.A. and Hometown Pasadena.

SLT headshot


NOVEMBER 28- JOIN A LIBRARY DISCUSSION IN TOPANGA— Editor Susan LaTempa will be at the beautiful Topanga Library talking about L.A. Youth Culture through the years using selections from Paperback L.A. as a jumping-off point. Details at M’Online (Messenger Mountain News).

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