Sneak Preview: Paperback L.A., Book 2: Studios. Salesmen. Shrines. Surfspots.

IMG_4484We have seen Book 2 and it is real! Paperback L.A., A Casual Anthology, Book 2 will join its sister publication on bookstore shelves before you can go trick-or-treating this fall. We’ll be launching on October 30 at Chevalier’s Books on Larchmont so SAVE THE DATE!

The impressive contributors to this stand-alone second volume in the series give us wildly disparate views of L.A., which is exactly what we’re looking for. The subtitle hints at content: studios, salesmen, shrines and surfspots—and many more topics, including motorsports, wild birds, ghost towns, and child actors.

The time periods covered date from before European contact to just a couple of years ago. Contributors include novelists, historians, magazine writers, cookbook authors, photographers, architects and more. We’ll post their bios on this website soon. In the meantime, look forward to reading and viewing selections by the following writers or photographers:

In Table of Contents order(chronological according to events described) Paperback L.A. A Casual Anthology, Book 2 contributors are: Benjamin Madley, Joe Arnaz, H.E. Lougheed, Preston Lerner, Diana Serra Cary, Naomi Hirahara, Hartmut Walter, Chester Himes, Ray Bradbury,  Helen Evans Brown, Colleen Dunn Bates, Eric Gutierrez, Danny Martinez, Wendy Gilmartin, Gina Barkhordar Nahai, Ann Summa, and Jim Gavin.


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