So You Think You Know LA? (Weekly Quiz) #4

Humphrey Bogart in a still from The Big Sleep (1946 Warner Bros)

As we wait for real, printed copies of Paperback LA Book 1 to arrive in early May, our thoughts naturally turn to bookstores. So, as we post another one-question quiz for lovers of all things Los Angeles, we’re happy to highlight a little-known aspect of LA’s intellectual history.

Here’s one for printed-word fans but also the movie fans. Yes, the hint is a still from The Big Sleep: A.G. Geiger’s bookshop. There are a couple of wonderful trivia questions about this part of the movie, but here’s ours. What real-life Los Angeles bookseller was the model for Raymond Chandler’s shady bookseller character? 

Offer your answers in the comment space below and we’ll reward your theories or knowledge with social media plaudits.

So You Think You Know LA quizzes will continue for the eight weeks up to launch. After that, our loyal readers will know all the answers from reading the book, right?


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