Paperback LA Preview: Kitsch/Not Kitsch? by Robert Landau

Photographer Robert Landau has been documenting LA’s built and populated environment for more than 30 years. His recent images, taken within, say, the past five years, might inspire a Kitsch/Not Kitsch? exhibition. For example, the above photo of Andaz Hotel on Sunset Strip is one of our weekly photo previews for Paperback LA Book 1, A Casual Anthology: Clothes. Coffee. Crushes. Crime.  Taken just last year, it begs the question: Is it kitsch if it’s on purpose? I say yes. What say you?

Check back next week for another photo surprise, part of our warm-up to the May, 2018 publication. We’re sharing some pictures that are not in the book, most of them gone now from the cityscape.






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